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Out Jan 10, 2019

Abdel Salam



Abdel Salam Al Hassani


Abdel Salam Al Hassani is a Moroccan composer, spiritual singer, songwriter and producer. Privileged with a musical background, Abdel Salam Al Hassani’s inspiration for music stemmed from his Grandfather. Soon after, music became an integral part of Abdel Salam life - resulting in his involvement in various musical projects throughout his upbringing. Abdel Salam was fortunate to have studied music with renowned Egyptian composers, allowing for his groundbreaking debut album ‘Ya Yumma’ - produced, composed and sung by Abdel Salam - to successfully impact the field of Spiritual Arabic music.

Subsequently, Abdel Salam Al Hassani began his musical endeavours with Moroccan artists which had led him to Cairo - where his interest in spiritual music was ignited. The realm of spiritual music inspired his subsequent album ‘Naseem’ which influenced Spiritual Islamic music in 2003. In 2005, Abdel Salam Al Hassani signed with GoodNewsRecords and began his work on his album ‘Aman’.

Abdel Salam Al Hassani’s love for Prophet Muhammad p.b.u. is what inspires his Spiritual Music - irregardless of fame or glory.

Abdel Salam Al Hassani has performed around the world in countries such as: USA, Dubai, Europe, Algeria, Yemen and Asia.


Naseem Records Producer Company is a 2018 founded record label production company with headquarted in Warsaw. With an increasing global interest in Arabic classic music , spiritual music, Nasheeds , Naseem Records aims to promote Nasheeds and faith inspiering songs in new wave of cultural integration and social openness European market.


Established in Europe and inspierd by Abdel Salam Al Hassani – an Arabic spiritual music singer – Naseem Records Company focuses on producing a wide range of spiritual music albums, creating Nasheeds mobile applications, and organising performance for the European music driven market.